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Reasons why you should not take beauty supplements?

The market for “beauty supplements” or “ingestible skin care” is sizable and expanding. Vitamins and minerals may be present in these supplements, in very high concentrations. Herbs, hormones, microorganisms, or animal byproducts like fish oils and collagen powders may also be present. The US Food and Drug Administration regulates dietary supplements as foods, not as medications (FDA). Therefore, manufacturers are not required to offer any evidence of product quality, safety, or efficacy prior to sale. Given the numerous reported negative consequences linked to supplement ingredients, this is a serious concern.

There are various types of possible risks. These include both acute toxicities, such choking, and longterm toxicities, like a higher chance of developing diabetes. Teratogenicity, interactions with medications, and effects on laboratory tests have all been proven in investigations. Additional dangers include allergic reactions, a potential rise in cancer risk with continued use, and others. It is crucial that doctors inform their patients about these hazards. We don’t fully understand the hazards associated with supplements because no post-marketing surveillance programmes are necessary for them.

The fact is that a healthy diet cannot be replaced by pills when it comes to skin care.

Why should you be concerned about your neck? What is text neck syndrome?

Text Neck Syndrome is pain in the neck, shoulder, and muscles and may also result in degeneration of the neck’s bones, joints, or spinal discs as a result of using a cell phone or other electronic device over an extended length of time.

Text Neck Syndrome has a range of pain intensities, from minor discomfort brought on by an infection of the neck and shoulder muscles to severe discomfort brought on by bone or spinal disc degeneration that presses the spinal cord or neck nerves and results in numbness or weakness in the arms and hands.

By altering your posture and behaviour when using your phone or other electronic devices, you can prevent text neck syndrome. Avoid hunching your shoulders and arching your back, and try to keep your neck as straight as you can. If you use your phone for extended periods of time, try to sometimes adjust your posture.

Physical therapy may ease your tense muscles and help you strengthen them via exercise, and correcting your posture will help you keep a healthy posture. Painkillers, muscle relaxants, and antibiotics can all assist to get rid of the discomfort. Patients who experience extreme pain, deterioration of the spinal bones or discs, or depression of the spinal cord or nerves may need to think about surgery. Today’s mobile phone applications can be used to avoid text neck syndrome. These apps measure your neck angle while using the phone and determine the tilt of the screen. It will alert the user to correct their posture if it notices that their neck is angled incorrectly.


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