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Health & Fitness

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Straightly Coming to the point.

If You have a little more fat  around your waist or just above at belly, you can enjoy these four undeniable advantages:

  1.  No need to worry about maintaining fitness because it might already be lost.
  2.  Can buy some extra-large sizes for your clothes when you shop.
  3.  Can make handsome excuses when you need to carry heavy weights because you might be carrying the same inherently.
  4. Can happily take some extra time to walk every time.

Well if that is the case, you have some disadvantages also. To put it in simple words.

1. Just 2 inches more in the women’s waist size raised their heart disease risk by 10 %. Belly fat raises the risk
2. Breast cancer risk increases too.
3. A little more high abdominal circumference raises dementia risk in women.
4.Considerable risk of Type 2 diabetes in both men and women
5. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, having a large belly can nearly double the chances of dying prematurely even if overall body weight is normal.

6. According to The Million Women Study done by British institution found that there is a direct link between the development of coronary heart disease and an increase in waist circumference

7. Cancer risk raises with belly fat

8. Increases chances of asthma.


In a dreaded situation like this Pandemic, it would be always a better idea to do some exercises to maintain an ideal belly size.



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